New Card?"The Bawdy Cardsharp"?

Got this in Veilgarden this morning, “unlocked with Free of Surface Ties 1” - I see no trace of such a card either on or . In addition, the artwork of the card seems a wee odd (see → )

“The Bawdy Cardsharp
Who made this storylet?
He wanders the gambling houses of Veilgarden and Spite. He’s always ready with a smile, a hand of cards and that joke about the swan.”
Options -

" Sit in for a hand
‘I won’t tell you who I got my stake from. But I will say this - she didn’t lose them at cards. Who’s in?’

                               A straightforward challenge for your Persuasive quality. (requires 30 deep amber)"

" Talk to him about the Tomb-Colonies

                  You've heard that he once spent some time at a little known Tomb-Colony off the main shipping lanes. (Requires walking the fallen cities 10)"

I’ve yet to use it 'cause this is the first time ever I’ve found a card I can’t find documented on one of the two wikis o.o so am I off my rocker, or has anyone else see/had this card?

I shouldn’t wonder if he wasn’t one of the Kickstarter backers. I ran into an acquaintance of his, the Paranomastic Newshound. Anyone seen any other new faces?

The image looks very similar to Mike Laidlaw.
I’d be on the lookout for Susan Arendt and Jonas Kyratzes as well.

(Nigel Evans was the judge on FBG’s side)

Edit: Can you see if it’s location-specific?
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There are six new cards in Fallen London, featuring the personae of six of the Silver Tree Kickstarter backers. Three of them also have bespoke art. One of these is indeed Mike Laidlaw, but it’s because he backed the Kickstarter rather than judged the World of the Season competition.

The six new cards are loosely linked, and have a story that concerns a place far away over the Unterzee.

I’m particularly keen to meet the Libertarian Esotericist - I hear he’s very well-read, and noticeably handsome!

I got mine in Veilgarden, but it mentions nothing in regards to location. I assume it’s somewhat based on Nigel mentioning 6 of them, but on one of the wikis two people got the same card in Shuttered Palace as in Veilgarden (and it wasn’t this one)

I got the card in Mahogany hall, and it’s not location-specific as I can play it in other locations as well.

I’ve been seeing them all over. Rather enjoying the new content.

Anyone been to the Tomb Colonies as of late? The cards’ text seems to imply that the colonies hold answers… Also, has everybody checked their messages? It appears that about a week ago I got a ‘Number’, which appears to somehow relate to these new cards. Of course I won’t complain if there’s nothing more than just cards, they’re quite fun.

I haven’t seen any of the new cards yet.My Walking the Falling Cities is 31 - I hope I haven’t run right past the top range for them. Anyone else have a high-ish stat that has seen the cards? Thanks.

I’m seeing them at 29 - I think they’re simply not especially common.

Good to know, thanks!

I’m at 41 and I’m seeing them too. The 3-4 I’ve seen so far seem to be pushing us towards the Tomb Colonies. Do I smell new content on its way?

I for one, would love a chance to ford a river full of scorpions.

I have Walking the Falling Cities 36, and am seeing a lot of them at Wilmonts End. They don’t seem to be worth spending an action on – although I don’t know what the Walking the Falling Cities quality does, so maybe I’ll wish I had more.

[quote=Passionario]A Northbound Parliamentarian. One who wants to replace all gas lamps with a certain number of candles.

Oh dear. I don’t think Mr. Fires will be pleased.[/quote]

(OT: The comparation between Ambition: Light Fingers and the end of the Affair of the Box leaves me with mixed feelings about the best way to deal with Mr. Fires O_o)