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edited by suinicide on 11/9/2016

I know that in this specific instance it’s not a marketing exercise but generally it’s better to link the original place rather than directly link the code itself


I got the Coffee even after going North. The warmth is appreciated.

If this is given out for the reason I am thinking of, I don’t think they will mind.

Anyway, folks, keep calm and positive.

Today, this is much, much appreciated.

Wish I had some more Broken Giant to pour into my coffee. . .but taking it black is still a pleasant treat.

Yeah, I could use the pick me up too. Thanks, FBG.

Thank you FBG! This is definitely appreciated.

Many thanks to FBG for the code, and for the person who started this thread for getting the word out!

Thank you FBG! Thank you suinicide! Although, really, irrigo would be better …

Thanks for the heads-up. Almost definitely would have missed this.

Thank you, FBG. I certainly could use the extra time in FL right now. Thank you for thinking of us.

I hate to be the confused one here, but what exactly is it that is (or was?) going on in Fallen London right now that made everyone appreciate the coffee so? Not that I don’t appreciate it (thank you!), but I feel like I am missing out on some great secret. Sunlight? Please don’t tell me it was sunlight …

In Fallen London? Nothing. In the real world? Only the continuation of the annus horribilis that has tormented us this past eleven months.

everything is fine and is in a state of how it was supposed to become

I was a bit too unnerved to spend any time in social venues earlier, but now that a sort of horrified numbness has set in, some extra time in FL is appreciated. My thanks, FBG.

– Mal

There ain’t enough irrigo in the Nadir my dear …

(I know, I know, &quotOh Gods Abs, please stop rhyming&quot…)

Having checked up on the safety of friends, I’ve been throwing myself into leisure activities as a way of taking my mind off things.

Of course, now I see. How silly of me, and how sweet of FBG.