Nemesis Speculations [Spoiler Heavy]

I am not pursuing revenge for any lost loved one myself, but I was sharing ambition echoes with a friend the another day and thought of something. This is a wild guess only of interest if you are at the current content boundary at the Dayb___.

Remember the cases about the Provost, and Jack-of-Smiles?

[spoiler]Synthetic love is useless to the Bazaar. The masters learnt their lesson all the way back then.

And at the current boundary,
the prime suspect is Cups/Mirrors, and it met with Lilac regularly.

However, if the murder is arranged for the sake of love stories for the bazaar, I suspect the instigator is not Cups, but Lilac. The woman who loves the Bazaar, who has already shown that she is very willing to make arrangements for love for the sake of the Bazaar all these times at the Feast of Exceptional Rose.

With regular meetings, it is possible that Lilac did so with the approval of the Masters; it might be a loophole for manufactured tales of love to work.

Or possibly the love story here is more about Lilac willing to be ruthless and drawing the ire of someone in a fairly high place on the Great Chain (you) just to give a love story to the Bazaar. You know, &quotLilac loves the Bazaar so much that she get stabbed&quot could be touching. Probably worth more than 2.5 Echoes.

Or Lilac knew the Bazaar needs important, notable, significant people (whatever the purposes), and did so accordingly. The Masters certainly are working on that. Presumably, the player is already significant on the Surface with an inheritance and all these surface ties, and one of them saw your potential. In that case Cups could have instigated it.

Most of this is irrelevant once the conclusion update comes I suppose but I am feeling curious at the moment. Now come and shoot this down with ugly facts!
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I have a similar if slightly different theory.

I’m certainly agreed that this whole business has to do with the intentional generation of love stories and that while Cups/Mirrors is the prime suspect it probably isn’t the source. However, I suspect that it wasn’t Lilac, but the Bazaar itself that gave the orders. It’s known that it’s the Masters that work for the Bazaar and not the other way around. And it seems rather convenient that getting to the book that pointed the finger at Cups/Mirrors requires you to feed stories to the Bazaar. And if you’re like it was your story that you gave to open the door. Cups/Mirrors is just the fall guy.

Or alternatively.

Whatever this was it required 7 murders and there’s one piece of content where 7 is a really front and center number. Maybe Cups/Mirrors is seeking the name and arranging the murder of 7 hapless surface dwellers so that their relatives will hunt you in revenge has something to do with St. Gawain’s Candle.

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I do think the scapegoat theory is quite plausible.

[spoiler]Luring potentially notable people seems like a possible motivation for the Bazaar, and it is easy to forget the Bazaar itself can be a suspect too.

Sounds like a betrayal to me, though. An new iteration of SMEN in the making?[/spoiler]