Nemesis ambition: stuck after Shuttered Palace?

I’m relatively new in the Neath, so I hope this is not a silly or misplaced question. I picked the Nemesis ambition shortly after arriving several weeks ago. I’ve gotten as far as freeing and questioning the prisoners from the Shuttered Palace. (On a side note, they should call it the Shuddered Palace for the way that red honey gets made…) Now I’m not getting any more storylets for it (except the leftover one from the Forgotten Quarter). A quick waltz around the internet shows there is definitely more… am I missing something? Perhaps I need to go back to stat grinding to make it show up? For what it’s worth, my Watchful is in the 80s (well, with a lot of gear on) and Dangerous in the 60s (same caveat), and my Ambition: Nemesis quality is 11.

If someone’s played past this point and has tips for me, I would be most appreciative. :) in the wolfstack docks according to the wiki.

You need to take a ship from Wolfstack Docks.

Ah… the Docks. Which I haven’t unlocked yet. facepalm I don’t know how I missed that when I hit the wikis. Thanks!