Need help with nightmares

[li]Don’t know if this would be the proper place to put this, but here I go.
[li]My character has been grappling with nightmares as of late, and has been somewhat detrimental to my progress in the &quotHearts desire&quot ambition (The card game one). If anyone’s willing to listen to my disturbing tales or defeat me in chess (I’m also in need of the sudden insights), then please let me know. Also if anyone in the comments needs help with their own needs, I’d be glad to lend a hand. If my characters stats are of any importance, here they are.
[li]Watchful: 17
[li]Shadowy: 6
[li]Dangerous: 6
[li]Persuasive: 11
[li]Nightmares: 5
[li]Influence: 1

Any of my characters will be happy to do any of those things for you. Their contacts are in my forum signature. (I will have to go to bed now, though, so I will Accept tomorrow. =) )

If you check in with the Young Turks club, you will find many players with whom to exchange social actions.

– Mal

Same here, Ekko. Feel free to send Nightmare reduction requests to my main character and my alt; they appear in the sig block below.

I can take some tales of your nightmares off your hands. Only got nightmares one atm, so i’ll be fine.

You can send chess and nightmare invites to my alt. Rudolph can help you with both.

I wouldn’t worry too much about going bonkers early in the game. Snotra finds the Mirror Marches very peaceful, and the State of Confusion is hardly vexing either. The text is worth it at least once, but then I thought so for the other menace areas too. Snotra hasn’t lost the plot for a while as she doesn’t want to lose some dream qualities, (and her husband frets) but early on she simply found it easier to go mad/die/get banished, and come back home, hale and hearty. She only slipped up enough to get sent to goal the second time though, as she does not like the constabulary knowing what she’s up to. There are some consequences attached to some menace areas, but not from the Mirror Marches.[li]

(Madam Snotra is a moderately repulsed at how pretentious she sounds writing in third person, but is far too idle to do owt about it.)
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