Need help with my "watch" being raised.

For some reason, I guess I’m not at the right places to raise my “watch” higher. I’m at 60 right now, and I need to find something to raise it two levels higher so I can continue with my Vake mission.

I recommend going to your lodgings and checking out the storylet ‘open a way to other parts of the city’.

That’s great, thanks! Though, I think I’ve opened the shuttered palace already where else should I open?

Watchful, you mean? At about Watchful 60+ you should think about moving to the Forgotten Quarter. You can unlock it from a storylet in your lodgings with a London Street Sign. London Street Signs can be purchased form the bazaar.

The alternative is to just buy a Ridiculous Hat and keep doing Ladybones Road for a little while longer.
edited by T.W.O. Chandler on 2/10/2012

The sequence is more or less like this:

WATCHFUL - Ladybones Road > The Forgotten Quarter > The University
PERSUASIVE - Veilgarden > The Shuttered Palace > The Empress’ Court > Mahogany Hall
DANGEROUS - Watchmaker’s Hill > Wolfstack Docks > The Labyrinth of Tigers
SHADOWY - Spite > The Flit > Mahogany Hall

After that, you’ll have reached the Person of Some Importance (POSI) content, which has its own areas and different sorts of progress arcs. For now, though, when you’ve done all the content in one area, there should be a storyline pointing you in the direction of the next. You can unlock them all from your Lodgings, though you’ll also see opportunity cards which allow you to purchase access with Fate, if you prefer.

With a sufficient Shadowy (and having unlocked the Flit), “The Ways of the Flit” card gives you a Street Sign on success. One of the best actions in terms of sheer Echo value, too.