Need help! Dr Vaughan won't talk to me.

I’m doing the Ambition: Light fingers storyline, and have arrived at level 53. I’m on an island, talking to Dr Vaughan, but she demands that I be “unwelcome at the university” before she will talk to me.

The problem is that I am! But I am “unwelcome at the university Out on your ear”, and she apparently doesn’t want the last part. Is this a glitch or is there a way for me to change my status?

I’d say it’s a glitch in the description of the requirement. Every level of an Accomplishment has a number internally, but is associated with a name- you have “Out on your ear”, which is 1, but it requires 0, which has no name; similar places say something like “requires Unwelcome at the University .” (note the space between University and the period)

Not familiar with the Ambition, but I’d be surprised if there weren’t an alternate path for those who are Unwelcome. Other places where I’ve seen it checked had an alternative that was more expensive. Otherwise, you can improve your status by going on a Scientific Expedition.

What you need is not “Unwelcome at the University Out on your ear” but rather “Unwelcome at the University” without any other modifier. This is a fancy, programing way of saying that you need to be accepted back into the University. A silly way of saying this perhaps, but that isn’t for me to say.
You can gain re-entry to the University through the “Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discover” storylet.

That seems like a broken way of describing it. They recently implemented displaying the text description instead of the number, and that sounds like a case where it’s not working right. You might want to file a bug report. And get back in the good graces of the University…

Dr. Vaughan want’s me to have a respectable of 7 before talking to me out here where there are apparently no humans within sailing distance. How do I raise my respectable? can I do it out here in the underzee?

“Respectable” is only raised by certain equipments, generally of the type obtainable after being a Person of Some Importance. Obtaining membership in God’s Editors at the Bazaar Sidestreets is pricy, at about 12 Collated Research, but can be equipped for +4 Respectable. Some of the Watchmaker’s Hill pets can give +1 Respectable, some of the high-level clothing does too. Membership in the Parthaenum or a Pleasure Yacht gives +2.

thanks! anything else?
So I need to go back to London? I like to spend a bunch of time out at zee when I’m here. I know that’s just a preference.

If you’re only one point short, you can buy a Clothing item from the bazaar to get the last point. I believe the Bazaar’s accessible at Zee… Everything else needs to be in London.

Actually the parthenaeum gives +4, then the Salt Weasel gives +1, and the Respectable Landau… +2 I think.

@Chainmail Chuck: Good luck on working up your Respectable. I chose a Landau (2), the blue dress (1) and a membership with God’s Editors (4).
One tip if you’re going for God’s Editors: you probably know this already, but just in case you’re like me, don’t make your 12 Collated Research one by one in the Bazaar side-street, work up your zee-stories instead and use them (and a portfolio of souls) to make 10 at the time on your profile. It’s cheaper and less work.

@Everyone else: I see, so I have to become somewhat less thrown out on my ear than I am right now. I will go on a scientific voyage then. Dr. Vaughan is really picky. :P
Thanks for your help everybody!
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Or just use up some Tales of Terror on the Mottled Man storyline–you can cash in a Glimpse of Something Larger for two Collated Research, and since the Glimpse is only the third stage of the storyline you’ll only need to pass two Pretty Good Odds tests to get each one. Ten to twelve Tales of Terror should do it, although there are never guarantees.

I don’t know how useful or expensive Zee-Stories are, but I know I’d be loathe to give up a Portfolio of Souls for Collated Research when there’s an easy alternative.

I just bought a Respectable Landau but it does not show up on my inventory nor did it add to my respectable. wtf?

Are you looking in your Regular or your Extended Inventory?

thanks! changing inventories let me use it! I never think about that!

and just realized that if I’d done that earlier I wouldn’t even needed to buy the darn Landau!

It’s worth having - it’s one of the more rewarding PoSI items.

Thanks all for helping each other out. And apologies that things weren’t quite as clear as they should be.

Part of this is, as you’ve surmised, us trying out new ways of displaying certain quality requirements. I think we’ve sorted the bugs, but this thread has helped us see what we needed to do.

I’ve also added a [helpful note] to the storylet, so it should be clearer that if you are still unwelcome at the university, a Scientific Expedition is in your future if you want to talk to Doctor Vaughan.

Thanks again.