Need friends to help w/Nightmares/nefariousness

@magpiegirll here looking for friends in Fallen London. I am new here and have a profound shortage of
RL friends in the game. I need help with my nightmares and other nefarious yet enriching activities. Please feel free to add me and I shall happily help with your requests.


I recommend checking out the second chances thread.

@katatta_1 here. New to this game and to Twitter. Will be glad to join you, if I can figure it out. Nightmare are getting out of control.

sorry, typo…meant @katarra_1

Thanks for your help! I’ll be glad to return the favor anytime.

How do I invite you to help with my nightmares? For some reason, I can’t invite you. Your name doesn’t come up on my list of twitter people to invite.

Fixed it. Issue with my browser.

NightMares!! Willing to do exchange of nightmare help. Please DM me on twitter and we can do a Nightmare sharing for each other. Any other requests? Just send through game. I will be there for you!

Don’t use the social action, it’s inefficient. Save up and buy a Winsome Depressed Orphan instead, he unlocks an opportunity card that gives you free laudanum.

Not true. Once you’re a Person of Some Importance, Laudanum will only remove 3 CP of nightmares, and give you 1 CP of Wounds, for a 2 CP loss of menaces overall. You’ll notice this is the same as what’s offered by the social action. In addition, you’ll gain a new menace quality for your laudanum habit, which reduces its effectiveness, and once you hit 8 you’ll be unable to cure wounds with laudanum at all! There are opportunity cards to reduce your new menace, but that’s extra actions spent.