Need First World Coins

I have managed to obtain 47 First World Coins through various methods. I am hoping someone might have 30 more to spare. I would offer to sell or trade but I don’t know what its worth or if I can afford it. But I’m happy to consider all offers.


I have a bunch of extra coins. I’ll send you the thirty that you need, no payment necessary.

Received! Thank you very much. Topsy King here I come. :)

First World coins? Dollars or euros? :)

Sorry, that was facetious of me. Obviously you meant First City coins.

I guess this falls more under the singing mandrake part of the forums but if anyone needs first city coins I have a ton and would love to share any with prospective individuals[li]
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Well, if you have a ton…


Yeah I’m done with that part of the hearts desire ambition so there is not much to do with them. Just tell me what you need them for and how many you would like and I’ll get going on sending you some[li]
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Just be careful not to fall below 77, otherwise you’ll need to gather them up again.

Could you send me 34? Thanks so much!

Sadly I can only give you the coins 30 at a time so 30 first city coins have already been sent to your inbox. HAVE FUN[li]
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Thankyou so much!!!

For your final four, you can get them in ones or twos from the honey-mazed individual card, and I think a few other numismatic-related cards (but I may be wrong there).
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The Awful Temptation of Money gives one at a time as well, as I recall.

If you manage to get 5 Cellars of Wine using the Presumptuous little opportunity card gives 5 coins plus a bottle of Airag.

The Compromising Documents to Stolen Kisses conversion can also give First City Coins, as well as some Making Waves.