Need boxed cats

[li]Hey guys! I would deeply appreciate being sent boxes of cats too MrMonacle. I deeply appreciate this and have a happy festival!( if anyone wants to work together I will help as best I can)

Got 7! still would love some more cats from you delicious friends!
the list of all the most delectable friends who have sent me boxes are
Owen Wulf ,Lanzo Hoffman , Lucas Uller, and Fairweather
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edited by Mr.Monacle on 2/14/2015

Why on the false starred Neath would you want boxes of cats?

Also, sent 3 boxes.

Well Owen you just sent me the Midnight matriarch that’s why! oh and a starveling cat but what ya gunna do right?[li]
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Oh, the poor thing - it was in a box in my cubby this whole time… Still, I was always more inclined to work with the rats (lack of table manners notwithstanding). Congratulations.

Edit: 3 more sent from my alts, now they have more room in their cubbies for bags of Darkdrop Coffee. Now if only those zee captains could make the delivery from the Elder Continent on time…

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[/li][li]Are you still looking for cats? Because I have a Boxed Cat I could send if you are interested.


@Catherine Raymond - If you still have them, I’m always happy to take boxed cats off your hands.

I would appreciate any Boxed Cats you are willing to part with, lovely, if you wouldn’t mind.

There’s a thread for any catty needs!