Need assistance with "involved in the soul trade"

Lost. Lost. The fog is so thick here! Damn it all…

I purchased the soul trade storylet and juuust got to the point where I’ve chosen to be on the ‘Shepard of Souls’ side of things. But the story seems to have dropped off. I haven’t seen any related opportunity cards, and I can’t find anything related in any of the locations around London…

I’d love a nudge in the right direction. Do I need to increase my connections to someone, buy something? Etc.

Thank you for your time
FaberMouse [Tabitha Rasa]

If you just picked a side, go to Watchmaker’s Hill first.

Been to Watchmaker’s Hill and can’t seem to find anything. I might be wrong about how far into the story I am, though. It’s been a few weeks. I’ve just been hoping for an opportunity card or something to pop up.

I do know that I am no longer chasing Sour Elizabeth around.

I really should have recorded this in my journal XP

What’s your Shepherd of Soul quality?

Apologies for the late response! My Shepard of Souls quality is 2.