Need a little help with Ambition Heart's Desire

I looked around the forums and didn’t see anything pertaining to this. I searched the wikis and didn’t find anything really pertinent either. Sorry if I’ve overlooked something.

I’m following the Heart’s Desire ambition and was enjoying it up to level 18, around which time I started focusing on something else and then hit all the caps and stopped playing for a while. I’ve started again, but have completely lost the train of Heart’s Ambition. I’ve been to every location on the map that doesn’t take a ship to get to and haven’t seen any Ambition options. Can someone point me in the right direction? Or even just remind me of what the text for finishing level 18 of the ambition is? I tried “reminiscing” (via the “myself” page) but that didn’t work.

Thanks in advance.

PS didn’t there used to be an option to log in via twitter for the forums? I’m pretty sure that’s how I used to log in.

Click the Reminisce button twice and it should work (or at least that is how it is for me). Also, I believe you are at the stage in which you must find the Manager. You will do so by raising your Nightmares to 5, and drawing the Merry Gentleman card.

Slick, thanks. That must have been mentioned when I was last pursuing the ambition but duh, I forgot. Super helpful. :)