Neathly Income

While I don’t have everything I could ever want from the shops, I’ve started to save for an overgoat. My first taste of goatly ambition.

Right now I am farming while raising my stats by doing the second grind in the university, as part of the staff. I /should/ be solving a murder, but I really don’t want to. I’m getting slightly more then an echo per action now.

With 120 in all stats I could do something about the box. The box and the murder at the uni are the only things left on the mainland that I’ve not done (I think). If somebody wants to make a suggestion of a place I /might/ have missed, please do.

So, right now, about 1 echo per action and grinding up my lowest stat (watchful), while sometimes having to deal with scandal (and yes, I’d accept the actions that lower it, LOVE you people working on newspapers) to keep it from being too high. I’m getting my echoes from selling, well, mostly, foxfire candle stubs, shards of glim, jade fragments, nodules of deep amber, and relics of the second city.

The duchess option is not just the most echoes, it also helps when I switch back to shadowy and need to bribe cats.

1, Are there better options for echoes?
2, Instead of selling these items raw, should I be stockpiling the relics? Converting anything? Do any of the conversion options for jade, glim, candles, do any of them make more echoes then I’m getting here at Uni?
3. This isn’t going to be fast enough to goat me, will it?
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You can exploit the Investigations into the murder by using that Investigating… to claim caches of Rostygold in the Flit.

Build investigating to 7? (28 CP ) a 90% chance.

Best result is +4 investigation change points, that’s 7 actions. (students and staff is the best, yes?) with 1 echo per action from them
and then 5.4 when turning it in.

Or do I do 2 more actions to make investigating 8?
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According to this post the best overall method might be to run it at Investigating 5 for a 70% chance. That poster was checking with Raiding a message-drop, but Rostygold caches Sara Hysaro mentions appear to have a better rare success and no menace on a failure, so it’s an even better case (no need to worry about shedding suspicion from the inevitable failures).

As a general rule, up-converting cheap goods like candles and glim isn’t a profitable path. At best, they are a less painful path to a more expensive item than grinding for it directly, but you can often get there more efficiently through side-conversions. As far as I’m aware, relics aren’t a particularly useful thing to stockpile either, so I’d sell away.

There isn’t a &quotfast&quot path to an Overgoat. Even the best grinds take thousands of actions to get there. Grinding for goats is something to help keep you occupied between content updates.

Curious, they recommend the base 106 chalenge (intervew department ____) over mine (student and staff) due to being one more cryptic clue (and possibly lower menace on fail) …

I’ll take note of that TOO.

I lack good resources to wipe out the suspicion, so I suspect I’ll keep myself at 90%.

A lot of people don’t care for it, but I’m particularly fond of doing the Fidgeting Writer route and farming for Coruscating Souls. In the time frame of about two and a half months I have enough echoes to buy another Overgoat.

That being said, I have an overabundance of resources to burn, and part way through I became an Exceptional Friend.

My farm of choice as a non-POSI has been Reeducating an Elegant Lady. When you get to the point where you can get her a maid’s position, it’s 1.30/action. Best I have found so far. It does cost a very small amount of Fate to begin the storyline, though.

Given you’re current stats it sounds like you’re probably already on one of the more profitable tracks available to you. There is no such thing as not being fast enough to get you a goat assuming you have sufficient patience. At the stat cap an optimized grind can get you a goat in about 2 months give or take a bit. But if you just keep collecting those echoes you’ll get there eventually even if it takes you 4 or 6.

Probably worth noting though that if you still have access to the university I believe there’s a way to farm sudden insights which would let you cap your watchful stat significantly faster than you’ll be able to acquire a goat. I can’t for the life of me remember how that worked though.

Isn’t gather your forces against the big rat to dueling in the wolfstack docks one of the most profitable grinds there is?

**Edit, Ahh, they’ve reduced the payout on Advertise a Spot of Hunting!!! Never mind.
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