Nameseeker with a query about Flute Street?

Hello there! I’ve been a few times to Flute Street, but not recently, and now would be an importune time to go (who would feed my Ocular Toadbeast?) I am also considering abandoning my Search for the Name, but if I did that I’d like to see some improvement in the state of my soul. I seem to recall a Flute Street option that would help with this, however:
(a is there really a Fate-locked option in Flute Street that removes Stains On One’s Soul?
(b How much Fate, exactly?
(c Would I have to pay separately for each individual stain, or is it a lump sum, do you know?
Thanks much

It’s Weeping Scars it removes, not Stains. And i think it costs ten fate? You need to have abandoned the search first though. I think.
um incidentally if you do chose to take that option would you mind PMing me with the result coz’ i’d quite like to see what’s up with that myself but i’m not planning on ditching the search any time soon
edited by Spacemarine9 on 1/20/2013

Yep, 10 Fate to remove your scars (after you’ve given up the search). The plural leads me to believe that it will remove all of them, but I could be wrong.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 1/20/2013

Do you need Free of the name or SMEN 0? Because although I’m free of the name, that’s not stopped me from getting SMEN 1

SMEN 0 I’d imagine. Unless it’s been changed. The storylet itself is invisible if you ARE seeking the name, I went to flute street to check.