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I’m trying to get my writing skills up, and it seems no matter what I do I can’t raise it beyond 1. I’ve written books on fungus and a serial killer, and a bunch of commissioned works (Literary ambitions). I’ve heard there’s a story-let in Literary ambitions that opens up a writer’s desk that lets you strike out on your own, and supposedly it unlocks at Persuasive 10, but I have 25. (Then again, I saw this on the unoffical wiki, so I know this may be wrong or incomplete) Could someone give a pointer of what I should do next? Thanks!

The Wiki is mostly outdated as far as the new Making the Name content is concerned. It’ll get updated in time but until then it can be misleading.

There is nothing in Literary ambitions that would help you - it’s now just a bunch of Airs-related storylets.

There is now a Gold-bordered storylet called something like &quotMaking the Name: The Writer’s Desk&quot, which is unlocked when you finish seducing either the Thief or the Heiress.

So if you don’t see it then you need to start and finish one of those two Seduction ventures (NB: It has to be one of the two Bronze-bordered seductions. Seducing either the Artist or the Artist’s Model, which you can start at the Singing Mandrake won’t help)
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Genesis: by “Complete the seduction,” what exactly is meant? After the first occasion of blissful (or otherwise) passion, there is still opportunity to pursue the individual, but it can be declined. Should one carry on to open the Desk?

– Mal

You need to get the Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress quality or Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief quality to 6 or 7, at which point you get the opportunity to progress to the next level of Making the Name

ETA: For example, this is one of the five possible storylets that will let you upgrade your Making the Name:

The article itself is outdated so take the unlock requirements etc with a grain of salt but the overall structure of the venture is more or less unchanged.
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Aha! Got it by finishing the heiress quest. Thanks!

For purposes of clarity, note that you need to get the Seduction up to 6 or 7 and then bid them a fond adieu before you will unlock the new storylets in the Garden.

– Mal