Name Change

Is there any way to change your name once you’ve made a character? Thinking about changing one of them (Really ought to have put more thought into it)[li]

Click your name on the Myself tab. It costs 15 Fate/Nex.

And how will this appear to other users…will they be able to know who you were before? I notice my contacts are listed with a name and then another name in parenthesis, which is usually the same, like &quotJoe Schmoe (Joe Schmoe)&quot. However some of them have something different, like &quotJoe Schmoe ( What is that second name? Is that the account name? Ideally I’d like to change my ignorantly chosen name to a better one and have the old appear in parens so people recognize the continuity, like &quotSir Awesome Name (stupidname456)&quot. Is that just a matter of keeping the old name as the account name?

The second name is your Storynexus name, which you can change for free under Settings.

Ingame linkage, like contacts list entries, will not be affected by changing your Character name.