I’m getting cards from other opportunity decks, and being slammed with Irrigo in cases such as this- where it thinks I’m trying to escape from Prison in the tutorial, and is punishing me for it. I figured I would check with the community before reporting it as a glitch- better to confirm with peers before wasting developers’ time. To that end: Is anyone else getting these? Because this repeatedly makes doing the Nadir repeatedly difficult. I just wanted to find unique lore items…
edited by Nyarllathotep on 6/26/2016

When you’re in the Nadir, you forget who you are, where you are, and when you are. This is not unexpected.

That’s not a glitch, its a reference. The nadir is a place where memory is weird, and that card is meant to be purposefully misleading. It looks like a card you might see very early in your game and its like reliving an old memory. The fact that it gives irrigo is proof that it is an actual nadir card and not a card from anywhere else, because only stories intentionally built for the nadir (or specific fate content) give irrigo.

Also, please do be mindful of posting screenshots to the forums. It’s somewhat spoilery to post full text and results like that.

Hm. So its a throwback card to remind you of when you started? Seems reasonable, if really confusing. Glad I asked before reporting it then- always better to check before taking someone else’s time. You have my thanks!

As for screenshots, it seemed to be the first turorial area of the game, so I thought it would not spoil content. Still, i’ll do as advised and remove them to be on the safe side. Much obliged.
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I would have expected Nyarlathotep to be at home in the Nadir.

Sadly, was too busy going to Paris to bribe a Master. Terrible business that, or wonderful depending on who you ask. But I love the written aspect, the clawing sensation of this area. Pity I can only use it once until fleeting recollections set me to task later down the road.

Already I find it a truly captivating place. I’ll spend far too much time here in the future, given how wonderfully ravenous things change here.

The Nadir is time-limited to once a week because of how incredibly profitable it is. For example the End of Battles card lets you exchange three Second Chances for a 62.5 echo item, while a couple different cards have options giving Dramatic Tension, effectively equal to a third of 62.5 echoes.