Nadir: Cards, Stat Loss and Profitability

Since I visited the Nadir after ages twice in three days and taking a hit to a base watchful of 215, I was curious about its profitability. Did anyone calculated the average gain for stat loss and actions? Normally I do calculations by myself but this is a bit complex with 19 different cards and each having multiple options and options causing different amount of irrigo and the amount of irrigo when leaving effecting stat loss. or did anyone gathered data from the people?
In my recent two visits I was extremely lucky, so lucky that I succeded Unlikely Garden twice. And after almost sacrificing two level of stats for 12,5 echo item because if it is not 215 what is the point of having a stat above 200 :) It got me thinking about how worthwile it is to always visit the nadir.

Generally, most people would recommend never entering Nadir once you’ve elected to raise a base stat above 200.

Average gain requires working the math out in three scenarios (leave w/ Irrigo @ 5, leave w/ Irrigo @ 9, expulsion via Irrigo @ 10/11) Maximizing profitability requires 5-card lodgings. Additionally, profitability goes up if you have a Daughter in the Shadows (increase value of Old Bones card,) and sees a minor increase if you are following Ambition: Heart’s Desire. The numbers can be run, but it takes a lot of work due to the high number of branches and conditions.
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I started my calculations not so long ago, but…
I don’t take stat loss in account because it can easily and profitably be repaired in War of Assassins (I already lost my overcapped persuasive, so what does it matter anymore?) Anyway, with 5 card lodgings, daughter in shadows, acquaintance with Clathermont family and various length of visits (usually I try to leave at 7-8 irrigo max) profit varied from 3 to 15 EPA. Total EPA from 8 visits for the moment is 9.38, quiet good in my opinion.
I’m sure someone has more data on this, though.

My standpoint is that I only overcap with notability I can get from things I’m doing anyway. My BDR is high enough that I can get 5-7 without going out of my way to grind Making Waves, which gives me some extra Watchful to help with The Mechanics of Progress or the Overgoat card without preventing me from going to the Nadir.

I did a personal spreadsheet a while ago; but it doesn’t take into account stat loss because when I’m not running the Fidgeting Writer, I just grind the War of Assassins to recoup my stats, so it’s not like the stat loss costs me anything.

That does sound like something the Cave would do to you.

It is pretty profitable, I know. I know stat loss is normally not a problem but I am trying to put a price tag to my overclocked watchful. That is not repearable without lvl15 notability. I was beaing sentimental after taking a hit to 215 and wasn’t caring about stats and I had irrigo 8 and was about to make it 10 for a card only giving me 2,5 echos. I wanted to know how profitable it is, so tat next time I could make a logical decision when I am going to take hit for two levels of stats.
@Duke Yes, the cave does wierd things to us. Or I should have put a comma in there :)

Best thing to do is make up your own spreadsheet with your own success rates and unlocks, like I did, then!

OCD part of me wouldn’t allow incomplete spreadsheet, full spreadsheet with all options and success and failure is a bit hard with spreadsheet format. I copied the html code of the table in the wiki and saved it in my computer but it dosn’t look nice, I should modify the code to make it look nice and be easy to find the information.