I answered the questions, but the only thing happening is that the answers get registered (“we hear you”).

Is something supposed to happen here? What’s the purpose of this tab (it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the FAQ)? Do I need to do something to activate the quiz?


At some point, someday, they will start closing them and giving rewards for correct answers. That day has not yet come, although a number of the answers are now available in game.

There are also a number of answers we thought we knew that have changed and this will likely continue. Right now it’s really just a flavour thing and doesn’t have any mechanical advantage yet.

[color=rgb(51, 0, 153)]But it is fun :)[/color]

I sort of ruined it for myself at the beginning. When I just started out (literally 5 minutes after getting out of New Newgate), I just clicked “see what other people think”, looked for the most common answer, and then typed that in. It ruined the fun of finding out for myself. Past me was a twerp.

Not necessarily - there’s a lot in there that’s far closer to empty hearsay than truth.

I did the same thing.

But it is alright, because you can change your answer anytime and we certainly had a lot of things to tell us to change our mind.
When you’re a newcomer to FL / EBZ, we are just as shallow as the starting storylets. It is not just our characters getting more Watchful, we are, too. (At least, I think I am marginally better at reading subtlety) There is a lot of players who think the Clay Men made themselves. Do you know the answer? Did you change your mind? Didn’t you learn it somewhere, on a distant shore, far from London?

(And have you changed your answer, after so long? I haven’t, yet. Well, one question only.)

ok, thanks all.