Mysteries Closure

Well, I only got 10 of them right, but I think it’s still respectable.
10 Fate is a really nice sum, and is pretty useful. Especially since I’m planning on buying an Ubergoat soon. Very soon.
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I got 11!

  1. Not bad, for a month in the Fifth City.

Ohmyohmyohmy! No news for me yet - well, if they adopted the alphabetical order, I should probably be patient. But HEY! It’s years that we’re puzzling about these questions. I’m excited as a schoolboy _

12 out of 19 for me, which is more than I expected. I’m looking forward to seeing the answers and grateful for Mr Flyte’s speed in processing all those answers.

14 out of 19! Radical, nailed it.

[quote=Spacemarine9]I got 14; which means I passed the Fallen London Exam with a 78% grade.
Although I think I had at least one joke answer and two or three I was flipping back and forth on, so that’s pretty good all considered.[/quote]

I got the same as you which makes me a little happy.

Likewise, a solid 14. It would probably help if I remembered what my answers were, I’m fairly sure I’d left a couple as half-jokes.

12 over here. And here I thought we’d figured all this stuff out.

14! Now to know which one were right and wrong; full answers are announced for tomorrow (technically today, as it’s 0:49 here ^^)
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Eleven. As was agreed.

Apparently I’ve done respectably for a newcomer with 13 correct.

[quote=varinn]14 out of 19! Radical, nailed it.[/quote]So, there were 19 mysteries in total? I never thought to count them… anyway, someone has got to beat my 16 correct answers?!

I have 12 :)

I apparently got 13

Six, which is what we were aiming for.

I’m excited to check, but can’t seem to log in right now, the facebook login button isn’t redirecting properly…
Will the correct answers be made public at some point? I’d be much more excited for that than for a little fate anyhow.

Yes, on the Failbetter blog, within a day or so!

The secret is that the real winner here is the person who got 7 correct, thus unlocking St. Alexis’ candle.[li]
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I’m well keen to see the answers, 'cause I submitted different guesses on each account, so that they’d all have a chance of winning something, but I wouldn’t get any extra rewards to which I wasn’t strictly entitled. Sir Fred got 14 and all the rest got at least a few points*, so some of my answers must have fit into a broad “eh, close enough.”

  • Except Doctor Taupe-Wainscot, who didn’t entirely understand the questions.