"Myself" tab, and my stuff

I like my inventory, and the ever-growing collection of wonderfully illustrated weird loot, but there’s one thing I find slightly annoying, and seeing how much you’ve improved the interface here recently, I humbly request one more tiny CSS change.


As I think it should be:

(minus my obvious screw-up with the item borders, but you get the idea)

This Lady has definitely a point (if it is possible, of course)

Took me a while to notice the difference, especially with the black border along the side of the altered image. (&quotWhat would that be for? A safe place for scrolling on a tablet?&quot) But yes, the titles of the item categories should definitely move closer to their actual categories. It gets me confused sometimes.[li]
edited by Gillsing on 3/1/2014

On iPod Touches, at least, it takes two touches to use any card or storylet, and the buttons on cards are all far enough apart that we don’t really have to worry about clicking them by accident any more than we would have to with a scrolly bar.

But yes, I definitely like the idea of moving the names closer.

Sorry for necroing this thread, but I finally felt like doing something about this. Drop the following bit of CSS into your custom style sheet: &quot.tab_content .you_bottom_rhs h3 {clear: both !important; margin: -1em 0 -0.3em !important; padding-top: 1em !important;}&quot and voila! Item categories are now closer to their own group than the one above it.

(Custom style sheets can be used on pretty much all browsers, I think. On OS X Safari it’s a simple matter of going to Preferences -> Advanced and selecting Style sheet -> Other… then navigating to YourCustomStyleSheet.css from the dropdown menu.)



edited by Guy Scrum on 10/20/2015

Many thanks for this fix.

I’ve added this to my Stylish Fallen London sheet (Website Themes & Skins by Stylish | Userstyles.org), hope you don’t mind.