My Quest to Freedom and Madness!

It is I, Julias Stokes! Self-proclaimed genius, scholar, revolutionary, thief, and probably lots of other things that I’ve forgotten!

Anyways, I’m planning on my ultimate achievement: Getting ‘Freed of the Name’ to 77 - A feat which will require at least 2625 betrayals, according to some gentlemen and women I speak to the on the IRC daily. I’ll need several things, some of which only the community can provide.

  • A Reliable Source of Traitors
  • People to Take my Nightmares
  • Medicine to Heal my Wounds
  • Rats to sell for echoes to buy Laudanum and Tincture of Vigor

On a side note, I’m also going for Master’s Blood 77, but that’s irrelevant at the moment, as there’s not much you can do - all I need for that is large amounts of wines items and notability.

I’d just like to point out this is your 77th post. Good job.[li]

Oh, my, how ambitious! I would be very happy to Betray you, in addition to sending Rats, accepting Nightmares and attempting to force feed you soup as an exchange. I’ve only six Betrayals left to donate to the cause, but it is a fine cause. Please, let me know if you would accept a Betrayal, and I’ll go stock up on some (dead) rats.