My First Forum

Good evening gentlemen, beautiful women, and the, let’s say, &quotunknown&quot.

So usually when I sign up for up for a game, I just play it till I’m bored. But Fallen London got it’s talons sunk into me. I can’t stop playing it, and after spending my 20 actions, go straight to the forums. This is quiet odd of me, for I usually NEVER go to the forums. I must say, I find it… weird.

Trying my best to avoid spoilers for the game (due to the fact I want this experience to continue to be odd), I venture deeper and deeper into the deep dark pits of the forums, finding many things to read. Some of you guys need to be… &quotchecked out&quot.

But enough about me, what was your first forum?

Gaia Online, I believe. I’m no longer a member there, but it was my first internet home and I stayed there until the thread I frequently posted in died.

The first forum I regularly went to was something about… cooking? And cartoons? I was pretty young back then and obviously spoke like an idiot. Also I saw my first ~drama~ where some guy with cray-cray patriotism denounced the forum for watching American cartoon instead of… well I was too young to understand.

I think I left because I discovered like four people I talked to was actually one single girl somehow and I got creeped out so much though. I was, what, still in primary school? And I lost access to the channel (still can’t remember what it was, might be CN), so I went away.

There was a language barrier for me, too. My English is definitely not as good back then but I stuck to them because I suck at typing Chinese.

Either a forum for Team Fortress Classic, or maybe Neopets, back in '99.

Edit: Might actually have been one for Quake, back in '96. (It’s been a little while.)
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[color=#0066ff]I have to join in, because this brought back such a clear memory: an X-Files forum/Yahoo! Group thing, which I posted in for months when I was 11. I’d totally forgotten! [/color]
[color=#0066ff]I ended up spending too much time online (back when it tied up the phone line, and I had to put coins in a jar for the expense) and getting told off, so I made up some drama and flounced because I didn’t want to admit that I was 11 and using my parents’ internet (?). Wild times.[/color]

I am not here. I was never here. This I whisper in your ear.
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Seems like everyone played Neopets. I played it with my classmates in Chinese and was spared the horrors of Neoboard and Guilds.

Just logged in, turns out my account’s now 11 years old. Next action, of course, is sending the pets to Roach Hotel again. Nothing much has changed it seems.
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