My first Dreadnought

So, I have worn a groove between London and Venderbight with my little tramp steamer, and have finally made the overhead to purchase and stock a dreadnought. It left me with little cash so I thought I’d road test it with nothing more adventurous than another fully stocked honey and silk run.

It is lovely and fast and handles well. Crew still maxed at 10 which surprised me, as I thought it would have higher capacity. It looks like a big long cigar, and the brown colouring helps in that regard. Not sure how I feel about that but I expect I’ll get used to it.

My poor poor finger though. And my poor mouse. I didn’t miss it in the tramp steamer, as the hold capacity was so small, but now I have a real hold I really miss the lack of a Sell All button, or failing that, just being able to leave my finger down on sell or buy in order to load or unload freight. Clicking 26 times as I was on the old tramp steamer was just about ok, but 76 times buy 76 times sell, it quickly mounts up.

I expect it’s a lot of work to do, but I also really miss the character of the little tramp steamer, and the way the funnel tilts to the left and right as you turn. It’s such a nice touch that you take it for granted until you pilot a ship that doesn’t do it and theN It feels a little bit more like you’re gliding and a little bit less like you’re sailing.

Still, the speed of it means I can pack it with fuel and burn a hole in that hull to get over to the Far East with much less terror, so I am looking forward to exploring the edges of the map now and seeing what else there is to come. And the capacity of it means that I can make enough cash trading to deal with the terror I gather on such a voyage. And I can start hoarding for my zee story now. Wahoo.

Still loving this beta.

Be very careful with it. You can’t repair the hull to more than 100 and any damage immediately deducts 100 plus the damage. I was very sad to discover that. Buoys are very damaging and as it is bigger be very careful when you get into the coral. Fortunately I had saved just before I bought the thing so could replace it the first time (hit a buoy on the way out of London!). But I am now running it with hull at 99 so am fleeing from certain dangerous opponents:([li]
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It is wonderful though and that extra hold capacity means longer more profitable voyages and the chance to uncover more of the chart.

Ahh good to know. I was going to wage war on the lifebergs and lorne flukes. I may do so anyway and then reload. Thanks for the warning.

For those increase your iron and mirrors by spending secrets to talk to your officers and buy better weapons. I was beating lifebergs and lorne flukes in my tramp steamer.

I wasn’t trying. But then most of the time I was playing in long shifts so getting no spawns. Now I have to try to beat them while taking 0 damage which is an interesting challenge. I smell doom
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I must have different spawn rates to y’all. In pursuit f data I just reloaded twenty times and explored the Whither-Codex-Palmerston-funging circuit looking for enemies: none. Never seen a lorne fluke, only ever one life berg :(

You do realize that the Lorne monster thing can currently be found in and around the general area of Port Cecil, right?

shift+clicking buys and sells 10 at a time but careful doing so when you have less than 10 cargo space available!

You can repair above 100 by stocking up on supplies and using the “repair” button while at sea.

I’ve not managed this yet sadly! I really should give it a go the London - Colonies run is profitable but it gets a bit boring sailing back and forth without much happening


You can repair above 100 by stocking up on supplies and using the &quotrepair&quot button while at sea.[/quote]

Thanks for that tip. Just to let everyone else know 1 supply repairs 1 point of hull and it keeps on going until you click the repair icon again or run out of supplies and it goes quite quickly. I haven’t tested to see if it stops when your hull is fully repaired.

As soon as you load a game outside of the one when you enter the game, that’s IT for spawns. To get them back, quit to desktop and come back in.

Thanks for the tip re repairing above 100.

I have the same problem, my solution to this is From London, Colonist and Cask, sail n sale to Venderbright (with options and NO BUY), then to Whither, Dermaux Island, Cecil Port, Mt. Pamelston, Port Cecil again, the Pirate port, Mutton Island, and London. Along the way, hunt monster, wonder at the beauty of the game, restore your fear to serene at Mutton Island, and pick as many option as you like

I have now done the full repair and I am pleased to say that it automatically stops when your hull gets to the maximium.

and of course getting it damaged again still drops you to less than 100:( I think I will just run it at 100 until the bug is fixed. Doing it with supplies is a lot more expensive than the other method.

Great to see that the latest content up-date has fixed the hull and crew bug.