Musings on the Use of Spirit of Hallowmas

I’m sure I’m not the only one curious to see what Spirit of Hollowmas is going to be used for. Right now, I have two main ideas, but I’m interested in what other options people can think of while we all run around gathering it with confessions.

Possibility 1 - It will improve what we can do with confessions. For example, for 5 points we can turn a confession into an Extraordinary Implication, but with 10 we can embellish a bit and get a Dreadful Surmise.

Possibility 2 - We will be able to trade it for things directly. For example, 2 points could get a handful of Tales of Terror, but 20 could get a new pet (Creepy Skull Doll pet? Yes please!)

From the official announcement

"The Spirit of Hallowmas

Soon, Mr. Huffam will be about, looking for interviews for his Unexpurgated London Gazette - what will you warrant, do you think? An unattributed quote? Or the front page headline?"

Ah, must have missed that line when I was reading through the wall of text :)

[color=#ff9900]How dare you. Why, I’ve never.[/color]