Music Appreciation Thread

Does what it says on the tin - I really, really like the music for this game. There’s a really clever little leitmotif that comes and goes a across a number of the individual ditties, which really helps to give the game cohesion. And at times some of the stand-alone tunes remind me of the Aphex Twin’s ambient works - high praise indeed!

What the Argonaut said! I fell asleep last night with a unknown musical fragment running around and around through my head. I couldn’t place where I’d heard it. About 10 minutes later, I realized it’s from Sunless Sea. Barely noticed but inescapable.

seconded! I usually turn of music in games, but for sunless sea the music adds an addional level of athmosphere to the different locations and situations without being annoying or distracting

I’m the same, often turning the music off. I haven’t once in this yet.
I had a brilliantly creepy moment, chugging through the dark around Corsair’s Forest. I thought I heard chattering, realised after a little while that it was in one of the tracks. Wicked idea, in all meanings of the word. Also love the water droplet splashes giving the feeling of drippings from the roof.

I love the music. And the ambient sounds. And the creepy, creepy chattering you get once you enter the Principalities of Coral…

Same as above. Love the music. Now I’m waiting somewhat patiently for the album/cd/download to be released and looking forward to more.

The music is great. The creepy chattering was especially effective on headphones while feverish.

Is therE somewhere I can download the mp3 for th music? I want it

The music is so well done. I too would be deeply happy to have this music to download.

Yeah, I love the music. MP3s of it would be great, but I’d love the sheet music, just to see if I can pick it out on a guitar.

My first go round, I was watching a livestream at the same time. (I’m horrid for multitasking sometimes, don’t judge) When I came back again later, I plugged in headphones and it was a noticeable (and much better!) change. Music is absolutely gorgeous, and I don’t always even notice that in a game.

Despite the iron republic not even existing at this stage I have sailed there more than once just for the music.

I must agree - I especially enjoy the music that sometimes comes on as I enter the Principles of Coral. Sunless Sea is not only the only game I play with the music on, but it is one I refuse to play without the music on, as I feel the music greatly contributes to the game.