Mr. Veils and the Masters.

&quotI wonder what beneath those cloaks.&quot

I am writing a kind of crossover fanfic of a sort. I planned on having Mr. Veil playing a major role as a villainous mastermind since he was the [SPOILER] in one of the ambition and sold out Mr. Eaten, but then I was hit with a problem. I don’t know what his personality is like or the master general ability and power since everything is so vague.

That’s why I create this thread, to gather the information about the elusive masters, especially Mr. Veil. I could read the wiki, but that’s not enough, Fallen London is too big. So I ask for help. What do the masters capable of, what Veil looks like under that cloak, and what does Mr. Veil is like when he is running a shop and what he is like when he becomes [SPOILER]. Please give me everything you know, I never progress far enough into the game to see what Mr. Veil is like.

The masters generally look like giant bats, in Sunless Sea (i think?) they are also described as having horns, in Sunless Skies you get to fight the masters species and they are pretty dang powerful, im on mobile now but on tumblr theres a list off all current info we have on the masters in Fallen London I can see if I can find it later if you want?

Personality wise, I’d imagine Mr. Veils is slightly psychopathic, and covertly threatening, judging by this… wonderful quote.
“A scream is just an imperfectly tuned song. And we all have a song in our hearts.&quot

Ability wise:

All Masters have the Bazaar, of course, and her currencies. Keep in mind, they fought an entire city (the Fourth) and won. (Though this could be because they dropped London on it).
All of them can fly, and have a massive wingspan,
Their skin is extremely hard, making them impervious to pretty much all weapons (there’s only one, the Chorister’s Bomb, we know of that might hurt Veils). Though he used a knife that could kill Mr. Eaten, so that’s another weapon, assuming it’s a one-size-stabs-all knife.
Drinking his blood (Black Wings) causes one to dream as him, or establish a link with his mind.
He has an abyss like Mr. Sacks’ sack, where he traps some of his victims and kills them, though the Sisterhood know how to enter it, and drive him away.
Veils, as a bat, has claws, and very sharp teeth, and can see in the dark.
He also has the Correspondence, can speak it (very damaging for mortal minds), and as a Master, has a connection to normal bats.
He also owns businesses in Spite, as the rag trade goes on there. It is all very under the table.

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I believe they’re often described as having extremely dark black fur/skin(?) with flecks of white like stars. At least, that’s how it’s described when you have to hunt for [SPOILER] for the [SPOILER] in the barn.

A couple of Vake’s thoughts:
It’s, uh, not the most coherent mastermind.

Upd: Also, from this list, the Veil’s problem is usually thought to be &quotviolation of the Order of Days&quot.
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whispers Use spoiler tags…

Highly suggest the fangame light beneath water. It’s what would happen if a certain batlike creature went Seeking.

I replayed &quotThe Silver Tree&quot a few weeks back and I still remember a few of the more specific details about the appearance of a Master.

The Master’s are tall, taller than a human, but are capable of being much larger if they want to. Despite this they are very light and weigh far less then their size would suggest, they can be easily picked up and carted about (assuming they let you, otherwise they might kick up a bit of a fuss about being treated like a sack of potatoes).

A Master is cold to touch, and they feel oddly brittle. Exactly why they feel &quotbrittle&quot isn’t elaborated upon, perhaps they feel thin or emaciated? Or maybe it’s their hide that gives them this sensation to the touch?

A Master’s eyes gleam and glow a pale blue colour, seemingly impossibly small and far away. Their eyes are described as seeming like stars.
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Thank you all for the reply. Now I start to get a more solid image of Veil as a person? bat? a Master? Anyways, as I say the story is crossover and while Veil is a villain unless you watch My Hero Academia I doubt my story will peak your interest.