Mr. Sacks - Opportunity card or storylet?

Hello all,

I was just wondering whether Mr. Sacks would be arriving in the form of storylets this year (as I recall he did last year) as I still haven’t come across him. Or should I rather be flipping cards?

Mr Sacks is currently hanging out in your opportunity deck. If it’s like last year Mr Sacks will turn up in your storylets closer to January.

Thank you!

Does anyone know if previous “days” storylets will be hanging out in our deck? I want to try to get CTD up so that I can buy a consonant violin before doing Day 2, but that may take a little while.

They’ll be in your deck too. You have to draw Day 1 to play Day 2, and so on.

I’ve been drawing cards since Christmas but no sign of Mr Sacks - how rare is his card?

The Mr Sacks cards are of Abundant frequency. You should see them very often, unless the RNG hates you.

Huh, I’ve not drawn a single one. They’re not locked/unlocked by a particular action or quality?

Only locked by having done them the current year.

The Mr Sacks cards for day one and day two were the first cards I drew those days. Now it’s the evening of day three, and I still haven’t seen today’s card… I must have offended the RNG yesterday.

They all show up eventually. Don’t worry people, you won’t miss out, even if it takes a while.

Finally got a visit from Mr Sacks! Took four days of drawing cards though - no wonder he was peevish…

Could any of you delicious friends give me a bit of guidance as to the fate locked content on Day 4 of Mr. Sacks? I’m happy to pay and support our friends at Failbetter, but I want to maximize my enjoyment…any suggestions as to good and interesting options on that card?

I still haven’t drawn a single Mr Sacks card, somehow… aaaaargh. So annoying!

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FYI, Mr Sacks cards now seem to come with Ubiquitous frequency, i.e. they changed from Abundant.

(I have not idea how to record this on the wiki…)

Correction: An alt of mine just got the Day 7 card, which is still Abundant. It seems that only older Mr Sacks cards became Ubiquitous.

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When will we no longer be able to draw the cards? I’ve still only had the Day 1 card!

They will keep showing up until you get to day 12. I got two on consecutive draws yesterday so I think I am up to date. I wish you the best of luck with the RNG and hope you see Mr Sacks soon.

If I remember correctly, as long as you get the first card within the 6th of January, you’ll be able to complete the series of Mr. Sacks visits.
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I’m drawing cards since many days, still no sign of Mr Sacks (not even Day 1). I find it very strange since it’s not a rare card. Ô_o