Mr. Pages is bothering me...

… but I like my Proscribed Materials :(

Is there any advantage, aside from high-fiving Mr. Pages when we meet in the street, to get Connected:Masters up to 11?

Otherwise I’m afraid I’m just have to upconvert/sell my anarchistic collection.

If you’re going to get your Masters connection up to 11 so the card goes away forever I would use the other option on the card. It gives 3 points of Masters connection instead of 1, so it’s a way better deal.

Indeed that’s a better deal. I thought about getting Connected:Masters up during the Christmas season. It got a decent boost courtesy of Mr. Sacks so I guess it’s best to capitalize on the opportunity.

In addition to being more effective in cp gain, the second option also uses fewer echos of goods! So basically that’s something to do eventually if you want to absolutely optimize your deck.