Mr Eaten

At some point recently I decided I wanted to Seek the Name, only to find it on hiatus. Is that indefinite, or is there a time estimate for when it might be back?

A good question. Not a wise one.

It needs a complete rewrite.

As an unoffical path without suport and a side project it… started to cause problems.

There’s been a bit written about what troubling things happened, if you search around in the forum here a bit you might…

A good question. Not a wise one.[/quote]

Right it says on that link &quot[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]So some time in 2014, after we’ve had some time to work on other projects and I’ve had a bit of a break, we will reopen the Mr Eaten storyline.&quot[/color]
But it’s well past 2014 now, so I was wondering if there were any updates as to when it might appear? I’m guessing that it’s still somewhere in development, but I thought someone might have info on an updated release date

[color=#e53e00] As per Alexis’s post here:[/color]

&quot[color=#009900]I am ferociously keen to do it! It’s proved infuriatingly difficult to clear my desk long enough to make it happen.[/color]&quot

Thank you.