Mr Eaten on TV Tropes Pantheon

It seems a delicious friend has created an entry for Mr Eaten in the TV Tropes Pantheon. For those unfamiliar with this particular section of TV Tropes, it’s a list of characters from any fictional universe you can think of who exemplify anything you can come up with. For example, Mr Eaten is the god of ‘Self-Inflicted Butchery’ (I must say I’m not surprised at all). The Goombas from Mario are the mini-gods of basic enemies. Cthulhu is the Old One of ‘Encounters With Eldritch Beings and He Who Waits For The Stars To Be Right’ and so on and so forth. They’ve all got their alignments and domains, plus many have peculiar personality quirks (the god of ninja is locked with an eternal battle with the god of pirates and things like that).

If you know how to write these things, feel free to add more FL/SS characters to the Pantheon for others to read. Just don’t forget to have your submission approved in this thread first before doing so.

I don’t really know that it was self-inflicted upon Mr. Eaten’s part, though. Unless you’re one of his disciples / memetically infected / victims / fellow warriors against the traitor Veils.

Oh, it certainly wasn’t. It was very Veils-inflicted. Mr. Veils. Betrayer. A reckoning. A reckoning will not be postponed indefinitely. Hungry.
All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. ALL SHALL BE WELL AND ALL SHALL BE WELL AND ALL MANNER OF THING SHALL BE WELL SHALL BE WELL. ALL SHALL BE WELL. ALL SHALL BE WELL. SHALL BE WELL. SHALL BE WELL. SHALL BE WELL. SHALL BE WELL. NOT POSTPONED. NOT IN THE END. NOT FOR LONG.
…you’ll have to pardon me, I’m afraid I’m a seeker.
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Well (no pun intended), the trope in question is Press X to Die, and you’d understand if you played SMEN. It is actually self-inflicted upon the Seekers’ part.

A reckoning is not to be postponed indefinitely.
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Honestly, at this point, we know where you will end up if you go NORTH. Only the particulars we do not know.

Well, you end up pretty much dead, game-wise, so Eaten’s followers are definitely Pressing X to Die

Ask what happens if you go beyond the gate.
You know, of course. Only, the particulars may have slipped your mind.
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I do like seeing Mr. Eaten there, but I feel like he isn’t described well enough. Possibly from reading too much of Spacemarine’s blog. Things about how you take everything you own and throw it into a fire, then throw yourself on the fire, and then people try to get you to stop but you don’t.

It just doesn’t cover the enormity of doing something so pointlessly cruel to yourself over and over again with no end in sight, everyone telling you to stop, and still continuing for no reason other than that insatiable hunger. Destroying something you worked on for years in minutes as you do unspeakble things to yourself.

I’m not the best at it either but I feel we need Spacemarine 9 quotes on that page.

Honestly, nu seeking isn’t all THAT self destructive, other than it takes a lot of time and ultimately renders your character useless. There’s not so much chucking all your stuff on a fire so much as just chucking time on a fire.
I still think it’s a good example of pressing X to Die, though. It’s not “press X and every time you do it it hurts”, it’s more “press X 77,777,777 times to die”. Which is still kind of a stupid thing to do.
It is still against what FL is meant to be, since you kill your character, but it’s not quite as torturous as spacemarine makes it out to be (at least in its current form; it was probably a lot worse the first time).