Mr Chimes guests

i have always wanted to know the various options in getting in the house of Chimes.
Should anyone be kind enough to show me a list?

I’m pretty sure you weren’t supposed to post that. It’s fate-locked content, after all.

It’s a shame you only get to see that list the one time, unless you sink a few more fate into that new option that lets you re-select your reason for being invited.

Mod hat on:

[color=#ff0099]Branden Linton, I’ve deleted some of your comments. Please don’t post or distribute fate-locked content on the forums, through PM or, well, any other way. Information on our stance on this, and an explanation why it’s important to us can be found in this blog post. Thanks. [/color]

sadly, I’m sitting on the page as we speak. Possibly had something to do with some Glim, but we may never know.

I do wonder about the Clayman option there… Perhaps there is some truth to the rumors of escape.