Most useful ship cards

Easy question, which ship has most useful cards and/or options it unlocks? Soon I need to choose one and as they require a lot of hard to get resources i’d like my first decision to be the final one.[li]

I believe that the clipper is the fastest for travelling the sea, the steamer is cheapest, the yacht gives the best BDR and the zubmarine, um, is different.

See here for some hints: Tips For Buying A Ship And Exploring The Unterzee - Echo Bazaar

Zubmarine has ways to avoid some zee menaces.

I never have to worry about lashing waters in the safety of my Zub.

You never need get to lashing waves in the first place in a clipper, though.

If it is your first ship, i would advice you to take the rust steamer. It’s cheap, and that’s all, but at least you can experience some zee travel. You can postpone other fancy ships when you will have more materials.

About the fancy ships:

The Zee Clipper is really useful if you want to travel a lot at sea: Its card and options all increase of a really good deal the quality that measures your travel. So, if you think you want to spend less action for your zee travels, take that one.
I think it is also cheaper than the other options.

The Zubmarine, it is ubercool an fascinating, but if you know how to play the travel cards (don’t worry, at first, you’ll learn with a little bit of experience) zee menaces are not so bad.
One other nice thing is that the zubmarine gives you + 1 Bizarre! Which is nice when you’re in london and want to increase your notability.
This said, the zubmarine is costly - even if a real status symbol among Londoners. (And we do not know what zee menaces will do in areas different from the actual zeas)

Do you wish to travel IN STYLE? Take a yacht. Her main bonus is a +2 respectable, (which is very good) and her special card will give you honey and jewels (it’s )
Paradoxically, it is quite cheaper than the zubmarine, but you’ll need to have a good amount of watchful and persuasive and luck to obtain it.

Here some other advices, but the site is not really updated.

The Yacht makes Zee voyages less unprofitable, mainly. Plus the Respectable is nice if you’re into that sort of thing.