Most impressive mantelpieces

I think Spacemarine9’s mantelpiece is something of a legend among the community, it’s quite impressive. I’ve recently come across Apollo Fireweaver’s mantelpiece, and he seems to have 824538 (and counting). What are other mantelpiece extremes out there, out of curiosity, if you know? Anyone who has 5 million brass slivers, or something like that? This could be a good place to gawp and pay tribute to the relentless grinders of the Neath…

I’m quite jealous of Nitebrite’s seeing as she currently has the only Heptagoat.

At the rate I’m going, it should only take me another two and a half years to own one myself.

Curiously, she has chosen to display a photograph instead of the Heptagoat. A humble soul?
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Perhaps it’s a blurry photograph of the Heptagoat. I can never get my cats to stay still when it’s picture time.


points to Connected: Society[/quote]


I would like to propose a question, my fine inquisitive fellows, for our esteemed gentlefellow Fallador. Ahem. How in the blazing blue bugger of the Bazaar did you manage 32336 certifiable scraps and what deal with devils did you have to make to pull off such a feet?!

You used to be able to get scraps from pets (10 from the Overgoat!) and on certain invites.

[quote=Isaiah Hazardway]Curiously, she has chosen to display a photograph instead of the Heptagoat. A humble soul?
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I change my mantle piece from time to time, because I have a fair few things that I like to display. The mysterious photograph was up because its a somewhat obscure item, one which can only be gained from an access code. I also had up the quality for achieving 500 spirit of hallowmas for fun since I was asking around for more friends to confess this year and reach for even higher levels of spirit than ever before.

Sometimes when I am feeling devious I might display my Rubbery Conspirator, although these days I wonder if anyone knows what that is or if they confuse it for a Nacreous Survivor. When I was actively fighting in Knife and Candle day after day, I would display my Warrior’s Code quality, the one which asks why do you fight. I also really like my collection of 161 counterfeit st johns heads, 6 cryptobotanical rosettes, and other minor achievements :)

This thread reminded me that I wanted to change my mantle again in reference to the somewhat recent Chapel of Lights update in Sunless Sea. To that end I have placed my 4x Mr Eaten’s Calling Cards and my Scorched by the Sun 1 (there is no scorched 2) on my mantle. Haha, those are either unique or near unique to the point that the only other two who have it are inactive players from years ago.

The heptagoat is really cool too and I am working it into my mantle piece rotation. I think, whenever I go exploring someplace new in the hopes of more goat lore I’ll place THE GOAT x7 on my mantle, to let others know what I am up to. For example, I recently created an impossible theorem and went through a cycle of the Iron Republic, just to check if anything had changed there. I have other places I want to look in the future, like the mirror marches. So I am sure you all will see the heptagoat on my mantle again some day for sure.

Lastly, I am working on a number of ambitious projects at the moment like building certain wines items supplies and aiming for some rare nostalgia items in bulk. Be sure to check back later in the year, and you might see some other cool stuff.
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You certainly are a veteran of the game. Just out of curiosity, what is Mr. Eaten’s position given as on his cards? Resident well-dweller?

The calling card gives the address of Winking Island (currently exploded, oops).

I only have around 830,000 souls in my basements. Thats not that much :P. Only 2,170,000 until I flood the market. Granted, at this point, I’m basically using the Embassy’s warehouses as storage, but I don’t think the devils mind.

Out of curiosity, did you set your goal to correspond to London’s population in the late 19th century? Cause if so, you’re not getting this soul! (I hope)

They’re aiming for enough souls to purchase Hesperidean Cider through Hell’s Fence.


Well, it will only cover a bit over half the cost on its own for the Cider. The rest is going to come from various other things that have accumulated in my inventory, and trading in my favors with Hell for even more Nevercold Brass.

Perhaps it’s a blurry photograph of the Heptagoat. I can never get my cats to stay still when it’s picture time.[/quote]’

I don’t think NiteBrite is particularly humble; some people just change their Mantelpiece and Scrapbook items around every once in a whle. I know I do.

Sorry for the threadomancy, but I’ve been looking for this fella for a while:
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Whoa. Was Master Thief uncapped at some point, or is there some fate-locked content I actually haven’t played?