More ways to raise Hellfarer?

I must ask, are there any other ways in which one might raise their ‘Hellfarer’ quality? I have already sided with Hell against a certain Bishop, and made so deals with Devils regarding a Fidgeting writer that I may just start to fidget myself!

Are there any ways I have thus far missed? And if not, as I suspect may be the case, what would you think would be an interesting way in which to raise it?

I personally think that an option to donate a ‘Coruscating soul’ after you have finished the case of the Fidgeting writer would make sense, as it is probably what they were after to start with. Alternatively a way to further Hell’s interests in London would be thoroughly enjoyable.

Currently, those are the only two ways.

Hopefully, they will have a use someday…

How do I increase A Bringer of Death as much as possible? Are there any repeatable ways?

If you happen to make the right choices in the Soul Trade, yes, 1cp at a time. It’s arguably not worth it as one Bound in Diocesan Intrigue ending gives 600cp.