More infernal items?

I just got a sidebar that I don’t recall seeing before:

I think we have all seen the brass, but has anyone gotten any of the other items mentioned? I admit I am curious about devilbone. Also I have to wonder if enterprising demons are selling any souls as hydrogen.

That sidebar is old. But no, the other items are not (yet) available.

selling your soul to the affectionate devil gives Devilbone Dice.

so if you don’t mind bottles…

Wow! Are they any use?
Selling your soul to the Deviless “only” gives you sapphires, diamonds and Dark-Dewed Cherries…

no idea.

Nothing’s listed on the one wiki:

yeah, I went with the Deviless myself. Think the stones are more valuable than the brass.

Hydrogen is in the blimps, and I’m pretty sure “skyglass” knives are really obsidian. It’d be nice to see more devilbone, though.

Yeah I lost my soul a while back (Got it back soon after.) and received three Devilbone Dice for my trouble. Utterly useless, but I kept them just in case.
Oddly enough they weren’t moved in the recent inventory restructure, still filed under Curiosity.
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I think the sheer novelty value would make them worth keeping. Only source in the entire game.