Moon league

It seems the gentleman who initiated this thread has withdrawn his post. Unfortunate, but he seemed to be looking for friends to stab in the Moon League.

For anyone else looking for stabbees, remember to check this page out! :)
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Question regarding Moon League. Is it three moves total before an attack is allowed, or three per player? Because if it’s the former, it’s pretty annoying being the second player and only getting one move. At least, that’s what seemed to happen to me just now. It wouldn’t seem to leave a lot of room for strategy - only reacting exactly to whatever the first player did.

Each player makes 2 moves, and the initiating player gets the first chance to attack.

More strategy emerges with the use of Gambits (which can be used to rule out Savage or Elusive attacks, thereby negating your opponent’s ability to launch their strongest attack) and Sponsorships (who pay out based on how high you raised a particular stat).

And yet I only got in one move before I was attacked and defeated. Bug?

Once a player has submitted a second move, they can issue an attack without waiting for their turn again. Thus, it can go Aggressor Move - Defender Move - Aggressor Move - Aggressor Attack. Bug or no, it’s the current state of the game. The defending player may of course choose to Withdraw instead of issuing a move.

My first duel, I was the attacker. I used a gambit, they used a gambit, I boosted a stat, and launched an attack. Still lost, but it was possible to attack before the other person got their second move in. I feel there is strategy, but it’s more luck than anything else.

I think it would probably be more fair if the ‘defender’ got to attack first (thus either after two or four moves).

I definitely think preventing attacks until after the defender is allowed to move twice is a good choice. Gives them a chance to counter.

I know this might sound stupid but i guess i am a crayon short, I’ve been in k&c for a week and joined moon league a few days ago but i can’t make a move, attack or choose a target. Can someone help?

Don’t feel silly; the instructions aren’t obvious. First, add other Moon League members:
The list is updated occasionally.

You can’t attack or make any moves against someone till you specify a target. Since the Moon League is centered around 1-on-1 duels, many members aren’t going to show up on your “Choose a target” dropdown list if they’re already engaged in a duel (or if they’re without a Form, seeking sanctuary in the Gamekeeper’s Cottage, or outside of the city).

There are also a few bugs to the Moon League, and one of them is available players sometimes not appearing on your potential target list. You can also try the Iron League for a different flavor. Some of the players from the token request thread in the Singing Mandrake are still in the Iron League or hop between Iron and Moon.

How would i go about challenging another, i have a list going but no one available.thank you

You added everyone and no one’s available? Most unfortunate! I suppose there’s not much else to do other than to wait or move back to the Iron League to attack people.

Speaking of Bugs, I’ve just had three duels in a row as the attacker where I didn’t get to attack first, one move and then defender attacked me.

That’s not a bug, it’s a recent change to make being the defender not so much of a disadvantage. Notice that the text has changed:

“Challenge a target! Challenge a target to a hunt. The challenger gains a bonus to Savage; the target has the advantage of the first Move.”

So any ladies or gents up for late night hunt? My info is in sig. I will be awaiting your challenge.

triblademaster, if you’re still there, sent.

I don’t think I get this at all. I’m in the Moon League, and I can’t do anything. I can’t attack, I can’t hunt. If I understand this, I can only attack people to whom I am connected in Twitter or Facebook, right? Or can I add others inside Fallen London?

You can add people inside Fallen London. Just go to your Messages tab, click Settings, and you’ll find a contacts list there.
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@ Jarvis Atwater
If you are having a difficult time with the moon league then i shall add you for a duel if you wish. Expect a letter in your messages…