Moon League Reward Questions

[ul][li]Do Moon League rewards from sponsors scale off of your net stat, or your base stat before K&C items?[/li][li]Is it known what the relationship is between stat gap and the chanciness of an attack?[/li][li]With these answers in mind, could using an alt to grind moon league victories be a notably profitable enterprise?[/li][/ul]While I find the idea of throwing a match too unsporting for my tastes, I did find myself possessed by a spirit of curiosity upon noticing that victories paid out 2.50 echos per stat boost.

Rewards are based on your total stat at the time you claim the reward, including items. You can actually equip an item after the hunt is over, provided it is equipped when you claim.

Not sure whether there is any conclusive answer to bullet two. And to be quite honest I’m not minded to look into the possibility of alt-grinding when it comes to K&C. One thing I would point out though is that if you’re sponsored by Villein then you get the Street Sign rewards regardless of whether you win or lose - so there wouldn’t be any need to take artificial steps to ensure a victory, and you could just fight other people as normal.

Really? I thought only the winner of the hunt was taken to the storylet to solicit a reward from their patron.

Everyone, win or lose, gets taken to the same storylets after the fight. The difference is that Grace and February require a Parade of Victories, while Villein does not.