Moon League match limit

Hello, I was just wondering whether there was any sort of limit (per week? day?) on the number of matches we could have in the Moon League. Following a successful match with a contact, I was able to re-select him as a target. He accepted again, and while we both have the ‘locked in a hunt’ quality, neither of us can proceed any further. In my case, when I select the option to withdraw, my target has disappeared from my contact list (even from the list of ineligible contacts) - if I attempt to add him as a new contact, I receive the message that ‘XXX is already a contact. (they are not eligible for this invite)’.[li]

Does " Show contacts that I can’t invite" show under the select-contact combobox? Try clicking that. It will take some time (looong time! it mightn’t even finish), and then list all ineligible contacts with a reason (i.e. “not in fifth city”).

I’m afraid he’s disappeared from the ineligible contact list as well! Which is rather strange since he’s visible for any other social actions…

I believe there is such a limit as you describe, but I don’t know exactly how it works - just that your opponent will suddenly be fightable again sometime down the line, without explanation.

[color=#C2B280]The only limits on the total number of Moon League duels you can have in a given period are practical ones, like number of actions and the time your opponents take to make their moves. But there is a limit on repeated duels with the same person; if you’ve recently concluded a duel with them, it can be up to 24 hours before you’re able to make any moves.

So the problem should go away sometime today. If it doesn’t, please let us know at and we’ll put things right.[/color]

Ah, that makes sense! Thank you, I’ll be more patient in the future.