Mobile app hangs on "checking for content updates"

So I’ve been using the mobile app for a few weeks now and had no problems other than a few sync issues early on.

However, today I have been unable to get past the loading screen. It gets to &quotchecking for content updates&quot and then simply sits there indefinitely.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any ideas on fixing it?

You can report bugs with the mobile app to, and they’ll be able to provide support!

I have the same issue at the moment.

Also people on Reddit seem to have same concerns:

Works for me now.

[color=#cc0099]Due to high volumes of player activity last night some users experienced loading hangs with the app. We’ve made a tweak to improve it already and will continue to monitor the situation. Thank you for your patience delicious friends! Your Hallowmas spirit is strong.[/color]
edited by Absintheuse on 10/27/2016