Missing item

I really dont know where to put this , should i send an email to the bug report adress?

Thing is , I cant find the Dreadful Surmise I got from the sunless sea content. Im completely sure i never sold it , but it seems to have dissapeared. [li]

If I remember correctly, I got an access code from the Kickstarter, wihhc gave me a small storylet. This is turn openned up something at the docks (or maybe just a card set at the docks) where I got my stuff.

Same , I have that story level at 5 , so I should have gotten an dreadful surmise from it. But i cant find it anywhere

If you look on your ‘myself’ page, it should be in the ‘mysteries’ subcategory of your inventory, if you have one.
edited by Lady Red on 1/4/2014

Problem is , it isnt there. And i never sold it

Are you sure? Bug report it if so, then.

Thats why , dont know where ? To the support email ?