Missed a Journal Entry

[li]Recently played through the Tattooed Courier’s arc in Veilgarden. Did this on my tablet at a coffee shop, and through a misclick, lost the opportunity to put the end of the story in my journal, and I only got to skim the results before this occurred. Is there a website that would let me read that again, in more detail, or is there a way to access it through the game itself?[/li][li]
edited by CaptainVlad on 10/28/2016

You won’t be able to replay or echo it throught the game itself. You could look the ending up on the wiki and, if the text is trimmed, Google around to find the full result in someone’s journal.

[li]Thanks for the answer. Managed to find it. Kind of a beautiful ending, at least the one I picked.
[li]And that’ll teach me to pay more attention to what I’m doing than to the coffee shop girl.