Mirrored item art.

So has anyone else ever wondered why the archeologist hat and the exceptional hat have the same picture? Also why are the needy suit and the workman’s clothes the same picture? I know its just simpler that way I just find it so very odd.
edited by Cubethulhu on 8/27/2012

Only so much time to devote to new art, I suppose, and those items aren’t of the highest priority. I’d love to see a pith helmet for the archaeologist’s hat, but the Neddy Suit makes sense to me as it is - it’s exactly the sort of rough-hewn outfit I imagine the Neddies in.

I can understand from a business point of view; but as a player I really do want more from my game.

better for the artists to spend their time on stuff related to new story content, so we can have more.

If anything were to change, I’d want them to change the Intriguing/Incendiary gossip. Two items whose names look similar at a glance, using the same icon… it’s way too easy to mix them up!

And there’s already an alternative gossip art (blue colored) on their server, they just… left it lying around.