I’ve gotten my Nightmares down to zero but I’m still stuck in the Marches. Do I need to wait for a certain card to transport me back to my Lodgings?

I think you may need one memory of light to make the transition back to your home. Is it possible you’re missing that?

If so, you could take the mirror that goes to the Royal Beth, with 0 Nightmares you can get out of there right quick.

You should automatically leave the Mirror Marches when your nightmares reach 0.
So I’ll ask a silly question … are you wearing a Sporing Bonnet? If you are take it off.
You could try equipping a Cheerful Goldfish or a Bejewelled Cane if you have one.

If none of that works I would bug report it.

Thank you Thank you Thank you !! I indeed was wearing the Sporing Bonnet. Silly me. Took it off and bam, back in London.

Oh Lady Ciel, that was a fine piece of de-bugging there. You have my Admiration.

Just the voice of experience - I have done the same thing myself in the past and it is very easy to do.