Mired in Clay - Hated :(

In the Clay Quarters story, I accidentally chose the option that doesn’t reports the Clay Men story honestly; this gave me Mired in Clay 1 - Hated which immediately locked me out and I haven’t been able to get rid of it. I’m worried I may be permanently locked out of the Clay Quarters & Polythreme storylines which seemed really interesting. I’ve done most of the Clay Coalman tasks but that didn’t affect this, and the only Clay Man card that shows up now just gives more Touched by Fingerwork. Is there any way to get back on the Clay Men’s good side or resume the Clay Quarters / Polythreme storylines?


I believe that, by sending home complimentary reports of Polythreme, you can improve your reputation among the Clay Men.

I would, but it looks like the Hated quality blocked me off from the rest of the Clay Quarters story, and I’m guessing Polythreme as well. Or does reaching Polythreme not require being on good terms with Clay Men?

It does not. You can come and go as you please, changing the the hearts and minds of the Clay Men when you do.
Presuming they have either.