Mind of the Dead God

Of those who have visited it, what was everyone’s general opinion?

Is this an Ambition-specific or fate-locked place? I don’t believe I’ve encountered this.

Wasn’t it in the dreams/Stormy-Eyed story? But I never got there yet.

you don’t need fate just really high stormy eyed

Also I thought it was pretty great because I got mad dangerous boosts and also slightly more of an idea about what that thunder’s all about
Probably won’t go back again though.
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How high is really high?

I’m at Stormy-Eyed 9 right now, with ‘What the Thunder Said’ back up to 18, so I’m definitely interested in finding out more of what’s going on with these dreams.

I’m obviously a bit dim-witted, because I didn’t realise that I’d lost all my thunder dreams as well as stormy-eyed for a while - I got a card that gave me back quite substantial stormy-eyed after I’ve left the mind, but it’s going to take an age to get the thunder dreams back up to where I had them before.

SPOILER (sorry, can’t work out how to get grey text!):

Tesuji, you need stormy-eyed at [color=#000000]19[/color] IIRC.
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I didn’t lose my Thunder dreams - I still have them at rank 23, and am hoping that’s not too high to get Stormy-Eyed again! I really liked having some Stormy-Eyed, and would happily build it up higher and revisit the Mind at some point if recovering it wasn’t too difficult.

Mutton Island let’s you raise stormy eyes there.

My Stormy-Eyed has been stuck at 12 for awhile–I haven’t been getting dream cards much lately.

I didn’t lose my Thunder dreams either after leaving the Mind. Just all my stormy-eyed ever. Since you need high What the Thunder Said to get into the Mind anyway it doesn’t take that long to get your stormy-eyed back, i guess

Is the action available even if you don’t have it in the first place?

nope you need at least 1 stormy-eyed to raise it, much like those fate-locked options in various dreams

As well as several of the other options of the cards. Fate-options are faster though, I guess…

I’d forgotten that–which Storylets do you have to do to raise it?

The wind one, I think. Still waiting to get Stormy Eyed.

Would anyone mind spoilering what this is all about? I’d like to experience this by myself of course, but at the rate I am getting dreams, it would take me years of real time to get Stormy Eyed (and don’t get me started on the other dreams, they are so incredibly rare).

As I mentioned in the other thread, this is lovely interesting content, but really far out of the way. It’s a weird design choice - I mean, the level of quality needed is so high that it could really only be found accidentally. I had ludicrously high Dreams and a Stormy-Eyed of 10 for a year (was the first to unlock the Stormy-Eyed House of Chimes entry) before anyone pointed it out to me. Why would I have grinded it 9 levels higher, otherwise? Even with dreams, it raises too slowly to get there by normal means.

I guess it’s meant as an easter egg of sorts?

I can’t remember, but I believe it’s involves cliffs. I also think it’s an option that isn’t part of the usual grind on the island.

And I’m back.

That was, honestly, some of the saddest content I’ve read in all of Fallen London. Particularly for my character.

We all dream of the sky.

So how does one get there exactly?