Messed up starting Soul Trade and Flute Street

So yesterday, I went ahead and got some Fate, and bought these 2 storylines. However, I went through and did not save the starting messages/tidbits/events to my journal, which means I forgot how to advance. IIRC, went from lodgings to Spite for the Soul Trade, and talked to the professor after paying the Fate option (I think he said to talk to a drownie?).

May I get some help on how to proceed from here?

For the Soul Trade you may be waiting on a card. For Flute Street you can head up to the Flit. The drownie should be there.

For the Soul Trade, at least, you should check the basic areas just to be sure you haven’t missed anything. The related cards occasionally have a white border, so they’re easy to miss. The Soul Trade cards should have a little Soul Trade requirement icon, though.

If you’ve already found all the location-based events, then yes, you’re just waiting for the right Opportunity… It can take a while…