Message from the Numismatrix?

I got a mail recently saying I had a ‘message from the Numismatrix’, my game message feed also states it.

but there’s no option to follow up on the information, and no change/addition to any items, or storylets in any location. (I have all locations available - barring Fate Locked/Exceptional places, and Ambition specific places).

Can anyone shed some light on this. My only guess is that an opportunity card my appear maybe?

In your Messages tab, under “MY MESSAGES”, there should be a message from her with a “GO” button. Click that button.
edited by SeanH on 4/3/2012

I am having the same difficulty now, and I’m fairly certain there is no ‘Go’ button.

I have the same issue. A ‘message from the Numismatrix’ mail but no entry with a ‘Go’ button in my Messages tab. Looks like a bug to me. Where should I report it?

Aye, seeing a few similar replies on here, I’ve just sent a mail to ebbugs. No doubt it will be resolved soon.

I have the same with “An admirer of my work wants to speak to me”, so it’s not just restricted to the Numismatrix.

[color=00ffff]We’re taking a look at this - cheers to the folk who sent in bug reports.[/color]
[color=00ffff]And thanks, travellerside, for the heads-up it’s happening on other events, too - that’s useful to know.[/color]

A mild threadjack, given that the request for the bug report address shows up fairly often, perhaps a stickied and locked topic containing it, and any other important addresses, should be made.

I’ve just had the same problem with "I have had the strangest dream… "

[color=00ffff]We’re investigating this at the moment. We’ve turned off timed events for now while we fix it.[/color]
[color=00ffff]We’ll let you know as soon as everything’s working again.[/color]

Guessing this has probably come in through other sources, but it seems the “The Enterprising Astronomer waits in your lodgings” event is also affected.

Yikes - I accidentally hit “delete” on my message from the Numismatrix, as there was no other option! Will I be able to continue the storyline once it’s been fixed?

Same thing happened to me!

ack, this is driving me wild, I’ve been waiting for her for ages!

I had this happen to my admirer, but my dream of strange places (Which I got at around the same time) went through fine

I’ve had the very same happen to me, I started a bunch of the time delay stories, and then they never showed up. I waited for several days. I gave up and went to Polythreme. I’m glad to hear that it’s a general bug, and not just me losing track of my stories.

Is there any word on the timer being reset every time an opportunity card is drawn?

Huzzah! It has been fixed. Though I can not speak for everyone.

It certainly has on my accounts - I got three delayed stories at once, which was a welcome surprise!

Yep, I just got a reply for the bug report I sent earlier. The fix is up, running, and works :)

Huzzah for the Devs!