Menacing threats to longer projects

I’m in the middle of attempting yet again to punch well above my weight class on something and have a question.

I know that madness can do unpleasant things to your dream qualities, but do other Menaces have similar effects?

In this particular case, I’m wondering if getting sent to New Newgate would cut into the Casing… quality I’m building to rob the Bazaar. I know I’ll have to drop it low enough to make the theft option appear again in the Flit, but I’m curios if a trip to New Newgate will reduce the quality, or if I can go along and not worry too much about previous effort being ruined by a quick vacation and chance to find the Repentant Forger.

Going to New Newgate resets casing as far as I know

The last time I went to New Newgate with casing I lost it all but that was a while back and I don’t know if things have changed.

Yes, I believe being arrested and sent to New Newgate does remove your Casing progress! (I can’t absolutely confirm this, because the Suspicion mechanics have slightly changed recently and I haven’t experienced the new ones first-hand.) I don’t know whether dying removes your Running Battle or Hunting progress, but it does remove your Iron Knife Tokens. I don’t recall whether being exiled to the Tomb-Colonies removes Fascinating progress, or indeed, has any negative effects at all.

Thank you. It sounds like I’ll be dumping a few bags of rats in the Topsy King’s court, then.

Does exile to the Tomb Colonies have a similar effect on Fascinating and so on? I didn’t see any information on Menace failure states affectung the ongoing ventures in the wikis or the new players’ guides I’ve ran across, and I would have been quite upset to lose research like those for longer-term studies (such as the Melancholy Curate and his Sister’s third option) due tp misplaced confidence in the security of what had already been built up surviving the minor vicissitudes on life in the Neath.

No dying doesn’t affect your Running Battle - I’ve had a non-K&C alt doing that recently. They weren’t Hunting though

I think it might depend on whether you’re forced into newgate or whether you simply get suspicion above 8? Please do check =)

But death at Feducci’s hands does decrease Running Battle.

Does dying while holding a Moon League token reset your medals, either of the Rose variety or of the Orders? Are there any (other) effects?

asdenej–It doesn’t reset your Orders or the medals you got from them, of that I’m certain (I’ve died twice over this Yuletide). It does take all of your Iron Tokens, but it did not take my Moon League token, and oddly enough I was able to challenge after my resurrection as though nothing had happened. (I did receive a delivery of Iron Tokens soon after, so that might have had something to do with it, but I don’t think so somehow.)

If you die while in the Moon League, I would advise against leaving the Moon League until you have gotten at least one Iron Token from somewhere. However, I still don’t think you lose your medals in that case.
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