Memento of Passion and becoming a POSI

I understand that the only way to get one of these is through storylines at the Court, so is it still possible to get this once you are ‘banished from the Court Mad, bad, dangerous to know’?
I’m at the stage where I have the option to become a POSI. I have all the tokens and accomplishments to select any of the options except for this one and it’s rather irritating me!
Thanks for any advice.

Miss Loveshanks
edited by Loveshanks on 1/17/2014

I’m afraid you can’t get it if you’re already banished from the Court. All the options do the same thing, so there’s no harm is picking something else.

Ah well. Thanks for the reply!
I figured they all have the same result but I’m trying to pick which seems the most fitting answer for my character. Not sure any of them do, weird lines that I walk!